The Handy Dating App To Find a Better Match

The Dandie App

Connect with new people on our innovative dating app! Our distinctive approach unites meaningful relationships with dependable services. Create an account today, and who knows, your true love might be just a few clicks away!

The Handy Dating App

In an age where technology is quickly advancing, we are consistently told that it’s supposed to improve the way we communicate with one another. And while technology has absolutely been instrumental in shifting our world to become what it is today it has also presented obstacles to genuine human connectivity. Two key areas where this is noticeably true are in romantic matchmaking and in finding reliable personal services when needed. According to the respected research review firm, Cloudwards over 45 percent of dating app users are left frustrated with their results. Separately, a study by the venerable Better Business Bureau affirms that 94 percent of clients will remain loyal to people and services with a strong sense of purpose and transparency. So what if there were a platform today which can combine satisfactory personal services that could potentially lead to long-term relationships? Introducing, The Dandie app.

Combining Services with Love and Friendship

The Dandie app is the first-of-its-kind platform where real human connections are formed based on coupling the need for personal services and/or interests with the possibility of a love match or an enduring friendship to blossom. The Dandie is an easy to use dating app that helps you find a better match. Simply create a user profile that will include a photo, geographical radius, and lists of the services you are seeking such as pet care, gardening, carpentry, automotive assistance, or more.

The Handy Dating App To Find a Better Match
The Handy Dating App To Find a Better Match

Find Services and Improve Skills

You can also list your talents and specializations or areas where you seek to improve upon, such as your golf or tennis game. The Dandie will select a variety of matches for you to choose from of people who may assist you with your needs and also share your interests or enhance areas you are interested in. Once you select a match there is a chat room to initiate correspondence and consummate a deal. You have the option to pay for services, barter and trade them or simply continue to communicate to receive and exchange advice while getting to know each other better.

Connect Through Practical Abilities

The Dandie app is the way for single people to connect based on practical abilities while being of service to each other. The Dandie is the creation of a single mother of two Sarah K, who states, “I created The Dandie because I think people will enjoy the chance to meet and date single people who complement them in pragmatic and mutually beneficial ways.” No need to ever swipe right or left again. Download The Dandie App for a free trial basis today and to receive more information on its low subscription service on IOS or Android and know that a true connection is awaiting you.

The Handy Dating App To Find a Better Match

App Features

The Handy Dating App To Find a Better Match
  • Personalized Matching for Mutually Beneficial Relationships

    The Dandie app matches users with compatible individuals based on their service needs and interests, leading to meaningful relationships and potential for long-term connections.

  • Easy-to-Use Platform for Seamless User Experience

    The Dandie app is user-friendly and simple to navigate, allowing users to easily create a profile and connect with potential matches, making the process of finding reliable personal services and building relationships stress-free.

  • Flexible Options for Service Provision and Payment

    The Dandie app offers flexible options for payment, including traditional payment methods, bartering, or exchanging services or advice, creating a mutually beneficial and customizable experience for users.

  • Empowering Women-led Innovation

    The Dandie app was founded by Sarah K, a single mother of two, who created the app to offer a unique approach to dating and service provision. The app is an example of empowering women-led innovation that prioritizes meaningful connections over traditional dating app swiping.



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